Our teachers

In the EGS we love music, we love our instruments and we love to share that joy what they give for us. 

To teach is nothing less and nothing more than giving. Something what you already know for somebody who do not have it, yet. Probably this is the most ancient profession. And we certainly know that it is one of the best and most beautiful.


"If you would like to know how deep is

the rabbit hole, ask them."

White rabbit, friend of Alice 

Ervin Szabo


With Ervin you can learn to play in classical or electric guitar, plucking with your fingers or using pick. And if you wish, he can show you how deep is the rabbit hole.

Francesco Marchetti

Bass, Double bass

Francesco always says, for the bass you do not need big hands only big heart. Well, he has got it. And his patience is legendary, as his skill on the bass.

Csilla Szabo


I've heard two rumors about her:

1. She is a dragon lady, and she will burn you alive. 2. If you would like to sing, you couldn't be in better hands. What is the truth? Let's try it!