Francesco Marchetti

Short bio

Francesco Marchetti was born in Fabriano, Italy in 1992, and he has started to study music at 14. Fascinated by rock music that he was discovering at that time, he began playing the electric bass, studying it at the music school of his hometown.

Music has been a companion ever since, as his curiosity brought him to search for more and more music. His fascination for jazz music encouraged him to begin playing the double bass, which he studied in Milan, attending the Jazz Courses at the Civica Scuola di Musica  

‘Claudio Abbado’.

From that moment on Francesco has carried on the study of both electric and double bass, since he sees them as two complementary sides of his passion for music.


During all these years, from his little hometown to Milan and then to Brussels, he has always played in a lot of different bands with different styles, from Balkan music to swing, from rock to electro-pop, from modern jazz to folk music. He also  works frequently as a musician in theatre plays, in which he learned to use music as a tool to express  precise sound environments, an experience that improved his overall comprehension of music.






















In this year (2021) he has got his master degree in Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel as an electric and double-bass player and music teacher, but he has started to teach for seven years, gaining experience with student with different needs and perspectives, and learning to adapt his method to the student’s goals.